Truman French




Casey (ex-Girlfriend) Kendra (ex-Girlfriend)

Portrayed by

Joe Dincol

Truman French is a teenager who goes to Casey and Derek's high school. He is portrayed by Joe Dincol.

Character DescriptionEdit

Truman was kicked out of his old school for stealing a car from one of the teachers. So he came to Casey's school, where he instantly fell in love with her. Truman is like Derek: he comes up with plans to get a girl, such as making her jealous.

Known RomanceEdit


Truman rates all the girls in his grade out of 10 and gives Casey a 6 1/2. Not because she wasn't pretty, but because he wanted Casey to notice him.  Which is when Casey then started having dreams about him and develops feelings for him. Soon after they start dating. But they break up in the episode "Truman's Last Chance" and get back again in "Surprise". However, they broke up yet again before Vacation With Derek and likely before the series finale.

Vicky (Casey McDonalds Cousin)

Truman and Vicky dated at a very young age, though they not serious about this relationship. Meaning, it was on and off. Their relationship begun in 9th grade (the start of their teen years) and ended in 9th grade.

When Casey and Derek go with Vicky to a party, Vicky reunites with Truman in the episode "Trumans Last chance". Truman gets scared now that Casey and him are offical and goes off Vicky, where Casey catches them kissing....

Casey dumps him and Truman is left feeling guilty...

Do you think Casey was hard on Truman?

Did Truman deserve this?

Is the fault on Vicky?

Was it both Truman and Vicky?

Comment below on what YOU think...

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