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Life With Derek Wiki Is a fan created and managed, fan site which is dedicated to proving detailed information on all the different aspects of the Canadian television sitcom.

About the show

Life With Derek is about a when couple Nora and George decide to blend their families and create the McDonald-Venturi family. Though it wasn't as simple as they thought, not only was the family going to have trouble adjusting with their new lifestyle and family members, but they were going to have trouble adjusting to Life With Derek.

Featured Character

 Casey MacDonald (Ashley Legget) is the oldest of theMcDonald children and the oldest daughter of the Venturi-McDonald famuly. She spends most of her days at school worrying too much about her annoying older step-brother Derek. Read more...

Latest Episode


Futuritis is the series finale of Life with Derek. In this episode it's graduation time and Casey ,yet again is stressing over another thing, her valedictorian speech. Could it be because she's scared that Derek might pull another prank or because she's scared of what lies ahead. Meanwhile, Edwin is also stressing out, thinking about how's he's going to live up to his brother's reputation in high school. 

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